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Thinking of Renovating – Here are some suggestions

TV shows such as The Block encourage people to renovate, but how can they avoid making costly mistakes?

Whoever came up with the term ”renovator’s delight” must have been a master of irony, because most renovation projects turn out to be anything but.

These labours of love usually take twice as long and cost twice as much as intended, not to mention the strain they put on relationships.

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NSW doubles its first-home grant for new homes, at the expense of the established housing market

The NSW government has ramped up its generous handouts for first-time buyers buying new homes, as the NSW Treasurer Mike Baird aims his second budget at kick-starting the state’s lacklustre home building industry.

But it comes at the expense of buyers of existing homes, who will lose thousands of dollars in incentives from October 1 this year.

From October, a first-home buyer who purchases a $550,000 new home … Read more »