Selling Tips

17 Little Known Secrets to Selling Your Home

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. It might be time to add a bit of shine and polish to your home. First impressions will be lasting so it’s important that your home looks its absolute best inside and out.

1. Lasting First Impressions

The front door greets the prospect. Make sure it is clean. Keep the lawn trimmed and edged, and the yard free of rubbish. Lots of healthy green plants in the kitchen, bathroom, entrances and veranda’s look attractive and create a good impression.

2. Open Airy Atmosphere

Illumination is welcoming. Drawn curtains and drapes are lovely but can tend to dull the atmosphere. Make sure your home is well lit. Dark rooms do not appeal. Clean all marks off the walls to make rooms brighter.

3. Decorate – Set The Scene

Colourful flowers and some indoor plants help to set the scene of tranquillity and serenity. Strategically place them throughout the home/unit. Faded walls and worn woodwork reduce appeal. By redecorating, the potential purchaser is shown how good the home/unit can look.

4. Fittings – Repairs Make A Big Difference

Small things such as leading taps, loose knobs, sticking doors or windows put people on the defensive and lead your agent to make apologies for lack of maintenance. Minimise these annoyances, flaws detract from your homes value. Have them fixed.

5. Kitchens and Bathrooms

These are the most important rooms in the house and must be presented in a spotless condition. Don’t leave dishes in the sink or on the drain board. Some dishes cooked the night before may leave an unpleasant odour. Dripping water and discoloured sinks, suggest faulty plumbing. Fix any loose or broken tiles. If the mirror needs replacing, do so, or at least give it a good clean. Tidy draws and vanity, putting cosmetics, razors and toiletries away. Attractive bottles of perfume always look elegant. Put a posy or bowl of potpourri next to the basin or a display of decorative soaps.

6. Room to Move

Remove excess furniture, allowing potential purchasers to move freely around the home.

7. Obvious Faults

The discovery of even a relatively minor fault by a potential purchaser often leads to a more thorough search of the property. Reduce the risk of a guarded and tentative inspection; fix any faults prior to showing your home.

8. Cupboards and wardrobes

Most genuine purchasers wish to know about storage and therefore inspect the areas. Tidy these spaces and make sure they are not overcrowded to avoid any impression of lack of space.

9. Not for sale items

Any favourite light fittings, curtains, blinds or any other item with sentimental attachment should be removed and alternative replacement items put in place prior to your agent showing your home. It avoids complications when you get an offer from a purchaser.

10. Pets

Most people like pets, but some don’t! Make sure they are out of the way when purchasers are coming through.

A barking dog will not only concern some people, by may also take their concentration away from inspecting your home.

Remove kitty litter trays and pet food bowls.

11. Garage

There is a good possibility that the features you liked about your home/unit could be the same as the ones a new owner will find attractive. Make a list of these and give them to your agent to help capitalise them.

13. Encourage feedback

When an inspection is taking place make sure you are well out of range of potential purchasers. This will encourage them to speak freely and make comments to your sales person.

14. Lights

Adding atmosphere assists in selling a home. Ensure light globes have been replaced and that darker rooms have lights on.

15. Music

Create the right mood to buy. Play appropriate music during your open for inspection to invoke the buyers emotions from your potential buyers. Softly play the music in the background.

16. Appeal to their sense of smell.

Fresh flowers not only add colour but provide an exotic fragrance for potential purchasers.

17. Fresh Fruit

Place a bowl of fresh fruit with a variety of colours in a prominent position within the kitchen or dining room areas.


Buyers Advice

1. Make a “wish list” detailing the location, size and features you require in your home.

2. Create a household budget so you can accurately see what mortgage repayments you can afford.

3. Speak with your mortgage provider to work out what you can afford to borrow. Get them to provide a full list of charges for preparation and stamping of the mortgage including application fees, ongoing monthly fees, stamp duty etc.

4. Contact your agent to start looking for suitable properties, make sure you give them the “wish list” you created and the price you can afford.

5. Ask your agent to provide an additional cost breakdown covering things like Building inspection reports etc.

6. Locate a solicitor to handle your purchase and ask for a list of their charges and any other costs involved like Title searches and Lands Title Office fees etc that are included in the settlement of the property. Conveyancing costs for a $150,000.00 home are likely to start at $250.00 for the conveyancer, $110.00 for title searches, and $661.00 for LTO fees. Stamp Duty is $4830.00. So your starting cost would be almost $6000.00. Percentage of council and water rates will be added to this.

7. The cost to move an average 3 bed/study home is over $700.00 not including boxes and packing. If you wish the removalists to pack your home for you the price will start at about $1400.00. A professional house cleaner to clean through after you have moved will start at around $100.00.

8. Once you have signed a contract on a property you will need to arrange an insurance cover note to insure the property (the actual building) up to the settlement date, and once settlement has taken place you will need to insure both the building and contents (your personal belongings). Premiums vary greatly but be prepared to start at $600.00.

9. If you have pets consider placing them in a kennel the night prior to and the day of your move as they may become very stressed, also your pet may escape due to doors and gates being left open to allow access to the removalists.

10. In the period when you are house hunting, and after you buy but before moving, make a list of ALL incoming correspondence and then send a note to everyone who has written to you, giving them your new address and contact details.

Buyers should make their own investigations and not rely solely or partly on this advice.


Leading the way to finding a cure.

Homes across the bayside turned pink, the gavel fell at auctions and supporters danced the night away as David Teasdale fundraised for the National Breast Cancer Foundation thought-out the year.

Teasdale raises vital funds to help the National Breast Cancer Foundation to research into the disease that remains the leading cause of cancer deaths in Australian women, breast cancer.Each year more than 11,500 women in Australia are diagnosed with breast cancer and there are 2,500 deaths. One in 11 women is at risk of developing breast cancer by the age of 75.

This is a disease that affects our whole community – our mothers, our daughters, our sisters and wives.Survival rates are improving thanks to the efforts of the Teasdale, which are funding research that has resulted in better detection and improved treatments. Over the past decade, the five-year survival rate has improved by 10 per cent due to the inroads made by breast cancer research.

“We are passionate about making a difference in the community and we are proud to be an official corporate sponsor of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, aiding research and increasing public awareness about breast cancer.

Our office is apart of supporting the NBCF rthrough raising and making donations from our sales commissions.

David & Dean Teasdale


On competition

We all have choices in life and when selling a home, who to sell with is what exercising choice is all about?It has never been our way to talk down about other companies or belittle the other agents out there.However, never deal with a real estate company quick to criticise or slander another company. It shows insecurity, desperation and a total lack of credibility.

I feel we have enough of our own strengths and services to offer any client wishing to sell or for that matter buy a property.

you peruse our website, you will see that we point out our strengths and services and leave you to make the choice of which you would rather use to sell your property with and ask yourself the vital question, can the other companies you have been considering dealing with offer you the following:A family name over the door, which carries the name of the owner?

Will the sales person engaged to sell your home have a minimum 5 years industry experience?

Does the company have a record of accomplishment of selling through a continuos flow of repeat business over decades?

Is the company national with offices in other states and throughout Australia, thus offering you the future opportunity of buying elsewhere and from a company you have dealt with already?

Does the company advertise widely and on a regular basis, thus offering future ability to sell your property on to future resale buyers?

Does the company have an operational rentals and management department thus providing buyers with the option for rental investment and income?

Does the company pride itself on its after sales service for when you are completing on the property?

Can the company offer you referral letters from previous clients who have sold and purchased through them?

Competition makes our business stronger and its not something we shy away from. We aim to provide the highest quality real estate services available. We invite you to challenge us to exceed your expectations.

Dean Teasdale
General Manager



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